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Here at Pizote Press, we believe in real, honest communication and supporting our local communities. We publish books by authors in the Pacific Northwest and we especially want to give new authors a chance.

Currently we are in the process of publishing a new novel, Missing Mothers, by Charron Plumer and Deshna Ubeda. Click here for more information or to order.

New authors deserve a chance to get their artwork out there. We are here to help! We also want to give local authors in the Pacific North West an opportunity to share their writing. We will set up the editing, graphic design, book layout, printing, e-book conversion, and some of the marketing. We will work together with you to figure out how we can best help you.

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Book Reviews

Reviews of Missing Mothers
“I’m just amazed at the Missing Mothers. I finished it last night and hated to put it down. I could comment on endless things that I liked, but will mention just a few that I enjoyed the most. An intriguing, believable plot. Fascinating characters who were interestingly developed with flashbacks strategically inserted to give their actions plausible foundation. But, the thing I found most impressive is something you resisted doing: turning Nina into another one of those super women seen so often today in Tomb Raider-type movies—heroine whose unbelievable skills enable them to do unbelievable things resulting in unbelievably silly movies. The women in your novel came across as having much more than superhuman physicals skills. You and Deshna developed women with a strength of character and a depth of love which I find infinitely more interesting. Bravo!!! When can we expect your next novel?”~Matt

“I LOVED IT! What a smart use of a prolouge–short, gripping and caught me like a fish.  I found the last quarter of the book difficult to put down in order to do normal life.  I’m a bit of a slower reader so made for some extra suspense waiting till I could read again.” ~Tina

“OMG! Just finished Missing Mothers and loved it. You would think it was written by seasoned N Y Times bestsellers.  No matter how interesting the story or captivating the characters, nothing can cover up a poor writing style. You two have nailed all three. It truly is worthy of comparison to great writers of the genre. You must enter it for recognition by those national awards for new writers. Can’t wait for the next one!”

“I just finished reading the novel Missing Mothers and I can say unequivocally that it was as good as any thriller/mystery I have read in the past ten years – for real! It’s psychologically deep, it’s locale descriptions are really engaging (and educational), it’s pace if a page-turner, and it’s just plain really good. I recommend it highly and hope Charron and Deshna conspire to write another, and that they find an agent in the meantime to help them market this and the next one to a big time publisher. So, download it on your Kindle or Ipad or Iphone Kindle app so you can have as much fun as I did…it’s a can’t lose best seller!” ~John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min, published author

“I have just finished reading yours & Deshna’s very wonderful Missing Mothers, I loved it right from the start, it gripped me straight away & each time I had to put it down I couldn’t wait to start reading it again. I could actually envisage in my mind everything you described including the characters, it was as though I was watching a film (always the sign of a brilliant book) I thought that your book had everything, you should write more books together, what a talent you both have. Please do tell Deshna how much I enjoyed Missing Mothers, & if you do write any more books please let me know the ISBN numbers as I would most definitely buy them.” ~Hilary Thomas